Seykhar Films  (Formerly Tibet Motion Pictures & Arts)


Seykhar Films (formerly Tibet Motion Pictures & Arts) is established by Tashi Wangchuk and Tsultrim Dorjee in Dehradun, India in 2005. Much of our works are Tibet-related films. So far, we made three feature films, three documentaries, and several shorts. 'Phun Anu Thanu,' story about two exile brothers was our first feature film production followed by 'Richard Gere is My Hero' a story about four friends in Dharamsala, India. Our documentary, 'Democracy in Exile' commissioned by India’s PSBT which is funded in part by the Ford Foundation was telecasted all over India on her National TV- Doordarshan. Our latest documentary, 'Scent of Juniper' won Rising Star award at the 2014 Canada International Film Festival. In the same year, our film was also one of the featured documentaries of the US-based media firm, The Archaeology Channel. 


Tsultrim Dorjee:

Tsultrim Dorjee co-directed, co-produced and cinematographed three feature films, two documentaries and several shorts under Seykhar Films. Earlier Tsultrim served Tibetan Govt. in Exile for about twelve years in numerous capacities. He is a man of resources and knowledge when it comes to the functioning and bureaucracy of the Tibetan exile world. In 2003, to pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker, Tsultrim took a leave from his full-time job and studied Digital Film Production at Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Bangalore, India. His final project for the Diploma was an interesting short story about a young monk, 'Little Monk' which is appreciated not only by his classmates but also by the professors and teachers at the Institute. Tsultrim's keen interest in technology traces back to his childhood days when he used to open radio set, disassemble and then reassemble the parts by himself. 

Tashi Wangchuk:
Tashi Wangchuk co-directed, co-produced and co-wrote three feature films, three documentaries and several shorts under Seykhar Films. After completing his Master in Economics (MA) from Dehradun, Tashi Wangchuk worked for the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, TIPA, Dharamsala as a Public Relation Officer cum Teacher for about two years. It was here where he had received inspiration about arts and theatre. Soon he would be directing as well as acting in some of the well-known plays of the institute's youth wing- RTYC. In 2003, Tashi won a Fulbright Scholarship to study MFA (Filmmaking) at the State University of New York, USA. He now works for the Voice of America's Tibetan Service as a TV Producer, host and video editor.