Seykhar Films  (Formerly Tibet Motion Pictures & Arts)


A heartwarming, character-driven romantic comedy with political undertones by the two exile filmmakers. The story follows a group of young Tibetan friends living in Mcleod Ganj, India, headquarters for the Tibetan government-in-exile. Nyima, who calls himself Richard and is a great admirer of Richard Gere for his acting and activism, has dreams of also becoming a famous actor and helping his beloved motherland. While Nyima and his friends go on whirlwind adventures through the city, a love triangle almost detours them from meeting their goal of performing in the Tibetan Youth Congress drama competition. Through the escapades of Nyima and his friends, Wangchuk and Dorjee show us how the many layers of life-including the romantic and the political can be imitated in art. While indicating the plight of being young, being in love, and being in exile, Richard Gere is My Hero never fails to be uplifting and is full of hope, both for Tibet and for the human spirit. 

Director: Tashi Wangchuk and Tsultrim Dorjee 
Writer:    Tashi Wangchuk

Producer: Dickyi Wangmo and Ugen Dolma 

Cinematography: Tsultrim Dorjee & Tashi Wangchuk

Music: Arun Sharma 

Editor: Tsultrim Dorjee & Tashi Wangchuk

PHUN ANU THANU (Two Exile Brothers)

A story of two good for nothing brothers, Anu and Thanu and their unconditional love for two beautiful and educated daughters, Yangzom and Dechen of Gyakpon la (a camp leader) of Dekiling Tibetan settlement, India. Anu and Thanu are known for their unruly characters while Yangzom and Dechen for their positive qualities. Much against the wishes of the respectable Gyakpon la, the two brothers strive hard to win the heart of his two daughters. The film takes off on the 10th March 2005 when every Tibetan goes to downtown, Dehra Dun, to commemorate the 1959 Tibetan Uprising in Lhasa. The two brothers, however, do not attend the march and lingers around with the two sisters. Since there is no one present at the colony, the time is also perfect for two thieves to do their business. However, love rules the heart of potbellied school cook, Machen la, as he is busy making love with the wine lady, Ama Changma. Apart from entertainment, the film touches social, political, moral and health issues. 

Writer & Director: Tashi Wangchuk and Tsultrim Dorjee

 Producer: Dickyi Wangmo and Ugen Dolma  

Cinematography: Narinder Singh 

Music: Tenzin Jamphel & Arun Sharma 
Editor: Mohit Kumar 
Film Length: 90 mins.


A Tibetan short film highlighting numerous issues and misfits of Tibetan society against the backdrop of the modern scientific world. It is a story of a Tibetan writer and his interaction with a conservative Tibetan neighbour who still performs divination in their daily lives in San Francisco Bay area.

Writer & Director: Tashi Wangchuk 
Producer: Tsering Dorjee Bawa
Cinematography: Nyaljor Samten
Music: Tashi Gonpo
Editor: Tashi Wangchuk
Film Length: 40 mins.